Wireless Headphones from Beats by Dre

Wireless Headphones from Beats by Dre

You do not need wire or cable anymore to enjoy music with the headphone. Wireless is more reliable and practical. You can get this kind of device in many hokiku88 stores. One of the best one is Beats by Dre. The name is very familiar and popular. Company produces various the headphones with high technology to bring ultimate music quality.

Wireless Headphones from Beats by Dre

Wireless Headphones from Beats by Dre

Features and Specs of Wireless Dr Dre Headphones

The next list will shows some aspects related to products with wireless feature. For your formation, beats still produce some earphones and headphone with wire. You can buy them if needed.

  1. Variants

The headphone mostly refers to over-ear device you put on your ear. It covers partially or entirely depending on model you pick. Beats have solo pro as on-ear headphone. It uses wireless technology to help users play music directly via Bluetooth. For the headphone, the variant is called beat studio 3. The number indicates that the device is third generation. More variants are available with wireless but not the headphone. For example, beats produce external speaker and the earphone.


  1. Model and design

To distinguish between earphone and headphone, you just need to see whether you plug and insert or just attach on outer ears. In general, the headphone has two models. They are on-ear and over-ear. If that cover is small, it is on-ear due to the sound directly goes into the ear. When you do not see any ear at all, it is called over-ear device.


  1. Sound quality

Beats produce the headphones since long time. The company has experience and capability to deliver the highest and best sound quality. In general, you can tell either it is from beats or not after listening the sound. This company focuses on creating music quality with vivid beat and bass. That’s main reason why the founders created this company. They did not find the suitable and compatible the headphones.


Even though you use via wireless, the quality is still at the top level. You even tell the difference between low bitrate and optimum bitrate on sound level. This is something you will not find on other products. Beats know what people need the most.


  1. Features

Wireless is main feature, but the product has others. They are sweat and water resists, balance, charger, and battery. You can connect into wireless mode more than 12 hours. That’s expressive record for the headphone. The users do not need to worry about charging. On the other hand, recharging process takes less time.

Wireless Headphones from Beats by Dre

Wireless Headphones from Beats by Dre

How Do You Use Wireless Headphone

To use wireless dr dre headphone, you need to read manual. It has control to make sure a Bluetooth is active. After that, you do the same on the smartphone. Both gears will connect automatically. It keeps that way until one of Bluetooth is off. After that, you just connect again if necessary. Beats by Dre provides warranty for new product.