Comparison Beats by Dre and V-Mode Headphone

Comparison Beats by Dre and V-Mode Headphone

You enjoy music and high quality headphone is inevitable. Today, you find several models and brands in the market. Each provides specs and techs including attractive design. At top list, beats by dre has been the best option due to compatibility with Apple devices. On the other hand, some companies decide to make competitor and the example is v-oa.

Deciding the best headphone is not easy task. As you know, Beats by Dre has been around since long time. Company has experienced some changes and improvements to adjust with this industry. More competitors come and go but this one is still standing.

Comparison Beats by Dre and V-Mode Headphone

Comparison Beats by Dre and V-Mode Headphone

Exploring Beats by Dre and V-Mode Headphone

Several aspects will include in this comparison. It is better you try directly one by one to justify your experience.

  • Design and appearance

Plain design was gone after beats entered the market. In that time, people still assumed that fancy design seemed to be useless because the headphone and earphone were not part of fashion. Situation is different today. Listening the music is part of life and people want to look fashionable.

In term of design, you can count beats as the ultimate choice. Company makes sure the users get more that quality but design. For v-moda, you choose this one if want something more subtle. The brand also has some products with elegant style. Design and appearance are subjective because people have their own perspective.


  • Sound quality

Both products are in premium category. The quality is definitely the top priority. Fancy design is not enough for beats. The company must put more and this is when quality becomes the justification. You can listen music for long hour and the sound is still in excellent condition. It seems both products and companies dedicate extra effort in this aspect. Quality is on par depending on which specs you prefer. More bass and loud will be beats. You want calm and soothe with powerful sound then v-moda is the best option.


  • Noise isolation and cancelation

Both products incorporate noise isolation or cancelling. This technology has few names and terms but the concept and implementation are relatively similar. The purpose is to isolate sound so that you do not hear anything from outside except the music itself. It avoids sound leakage that often happens when you wear in the public.


  • Prices

As premium product, price is higher compares with standard headphones. On the other hand, you get the best value from such price. Design, specs, quality, and capability are at the top list. You will not find such thing on other brands.

Comparison Beats by Dre and V-Mode Headphone

Comparison Beats by Dre and V-Mode Headphone

The Verdict

Finding the right headphone is tricky part because the perfect one is nearly impossible. The only thing you consider is the product has more that you expect. Beats and v-moda have excellent design, specs, technology, and top quality.